Kate L Ward Consulting LLC

These are topics I have developed either as ILT or e-learning, or both.


Leadership & Management (cont.)

Communication Skills for Emerging Leaders

Managing Up

Communication Skills for Technical Professionals

Managing Managers

Coaching Conversations

Managing Millennials

Difficult Conversations

Managing Technical Professionals

The Art and Science of Communication

Motivating Employees to Be Their Best

Supervisor Communication Skills

Secrets to Management Success


The Art of Successful Coaching


Servant Leadership

Cultural Competency

Strategic Planning

Diversity Awareness

Succession Planning

Preventing Workplace Harassment



Personal & Professional Development

Conflict and Stress Management

Adapting Your Style

Conflict Resolution Skills

Analytical Thinking Skills

Managing Stress

Business Writing

Improving Workplace Relationships

Critical Thinking Skills

Violence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence


Goal Setting

Customer Service

Happiness at Work

Customer Service Over the Phone

Juggling Multiple Priorities

How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

The Art of Influencing Others

Customer Service Recovery

Listening Skills


Maintaining Work/Life Balance

HR & Training

Meeting Management

Behavioral Interviewing

Negotiation Skills

Business Etiquette

Office Politics

Career Planning and Development

Presentation Skills

Ethics in the Workplace

Taking Initiative

Interviewing and Hiring


The Multi-Generational Workplace



Sales over the Phone

Performance Management


Positive Approaches to Resolving Problems



Cross-Functional Teams

Leadership & Management

Collaboration in Teams

Delegating for Growth

Defining Team Roles and Responsibilities

Developing Direct Reports

Managing Remote Teams

How to Give and Receive Feedback

Team Excellence

How to Handle Change and Upheaval

Team Chemistry